Monday, March 28, 2011

trying to sort this out

well when you start a blog its all a bit confusing. trying to add thins and then taking things away lol wow what a mess. hang in there guys i will get it right soon .thanks for the kind words Colleen. one day this blog will be easy for me and i will enjoy it, right now its time for coffee and to find the mouse. my little girl has walked off with my cordless one . milk with none here i come .


  1. is quite confusing in the beginning but you will learn your way around, I still am :) Shout if you have any questions!

  2. iam shouting lol how do i put things in a side bar like the thinggy to enter your candy comp lol help plz

  3. Oops, sorry a bit late. Go onto your blog, click on 'design', then click 'add gadget' this should be above your side column, then click on 'picture'. This will open up the tab where you can add the link plus the picture, title and/or caption. I save the pic to my computer and then click on 'image-from your computer' this will automatically downsize the pic to fit once you have selected it. Now this is how I know it by playing around myself, there could be an easier way? Hope this helps, if you want give me your email address and then you can send questions and I will help if I know :)